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Direct Billing in SHOWMAX

Showmax, a new VOD service in Poland, became the first in the market to launch access to the service by Direct Billing subscription in the cooperation with Digital Virgo. You can select "Direct Billing" next to a payment card transaction or via Paypal. This feature is available to Orange, Plus, Play, T-Mobile users. New user is able to test the service for 14 days free. The fee is 19,90 PLN for 30 days access to a rich offer of movies and TV series on the SHOWMAX platform.



Digital Goods PL Report

Digital Vigo has issued Digital Goods PL report which focuses on the market of digital contents and services in Poland.
A few quick facts from the report :
  • 65% of the Polish internet users have purchased digital contents or services at least once in their lifetime and 39.8% admit to downloading digital contents from illegal sources,
  • The Polish e-book market is estimated to be worth 86 million zloty and the computer games market is worth as much as 1.4 billion zloty,
  • ...



Direct Billing Plus already available

At the beginning of August Digital Virgo, as the first provider on the market,  has launched servicing of Direct Billing transactions in Plus network. It is the third operator joining T-mobile and Orange in this area.  Digital Virgo possesses a dedicated interface for servicing Direct Billing and SMS Premium transactions – Justpay. This solution is designed to be used for internet services, websites and mobile applications. 



Direct Billing in all Polish operators

In December 2016 Digital Virgo launched servicing of Direct Billing transactions for users of Play network. As a result our Justpay platform (, as the first on the market, provides Direct Billing services for all mobile phone users in Poland. This solution is the easiest way to purchase digital goods from internet services, websites and mobile applications. The amount of money for the purchased goods or digital services is subtracted from a top-up phone user’s account (prepaid) or added to a telephone bill (postpaid).



Justpay - new approach to mobile transactions

We have launched a new website for Justpay service at www, Justpay platform provides a comprehensive set of solutions for mobile transactions through Direct Billing and SMS Premium. It has been created with companies offering electronic products on websites or in mobile applications in mind. It supports one-time and cyclical transactions (subscriptions). Digital Virgo, the provider of Justpay, allows for different types of connection depending on the Partner’s preferences and technical possibilities. Thanks to Justpay solution our Partners can quickly launch transaction service for their products.



"Smart Kids" Report - the first study in Poland focusing on kids in the mobile world

In spite of the fact that summer is a perfect time for outdoor activities, it also means holidays and a lot of free time for our children. Kids having plenty of time at their disposal frequently spend some of it looking at telephone or computer screens. The borders between outdoor activities and playing on a mobile device are slowly vanishing, as exemplified by a recently popular game Pokemon Go. Taking advantage of the holiday time it is worth looking into how our offspring cope in the mobile world. In cooperation with Comecode and Mobile Institute we have conducted the first study in Poland focusing on children in the mobile world and the outcome of this study is the “Smart Kids” report. The result of this study finally reveal what kind of users our kids are, which so far has been ignored in most analyses.
If you are interested in the results of our study you can download the report (in Polish) at