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Digital Virgo S.A. is a leading provider of mobile value-added services in Poland, Slovakia and on numerous other markets. We are a part of international Digital Virgo Group seated in France which is a global player operating mainly in Europe, South America and Africa.
We have been operating on the market since the year 2000 (previously as Avantis) and during this time we have accumulated extensive experience and acquired fantastic, professional staff. Thanks to that we are now able to provide to our Partners services at the highest level. 
Scope of services
We provide services on B2B market where our Partners include mobile telecommunications operators, the mass media, marketing and advertising agencies, media houses, phone manufacturers and app developers. Moreover, we are also present on B2C market where our services are offered directly to end-users. Wide range of available solutions, mobile applications and a creative team allow us both to meet the needs of our Partners and to help them achieve their business goals. 
Our main area of activity is focused on mobile payments which we develop in close cooperation with mobile telecommunications operators. We were first to launch Direct Billing services for all operators in Poland and based on that we offered on the market Justpay Activation Service which enables our Partners to effectively sell digital products to their customers regardless of whether they use smart phones, tablets or computers.
Digital Virgo has at its disposal the technology allowing us to make use of all available communication channels with clients such as: SMS, IVR, Android, iOS, Push notifications as well as a full integration of the abovementioned channels with websites and social networking services. We are open to the latest technologies, we frequently launch pilot projects and we undertake innovative ventures.
Digital Virgo makes use of the latest technologies which ensure high level of accessibility, efficiency, security and scalability. We implement solutions based on Java SE, Java EE, Angular/JS and Amazon Web Services cloud computing to name just a few. We were one of the first companies in the world that implemented the innovative solution of Oracle RAC database cluster in AWS environment.
We combine Enterprise class technology (Oracle, Citrix, Cisco) with solution popular among modern startups (AWS Cloud, DC/OS, Docker). This approach allows us to provide high level of accessibility and security as well as flexibility and quick implementation of new products for the Clients.