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Mobile operators

Mobile network operators are key Partners for Digital Virgo. On one side, we have direct connections with the operators and can render mobile services for the entire market and on the other side – we offer a wide range of services dedicated for operators.
Digital Virgo has broad experience in competitions and lotteries addressed to Users in the operators’ network. We have conducted several dozen campaigns with prize budgets of millions of zlotys. Most campaigns aim to generate Premium traffic, to deliver interesting entertainment for the Users and to active them in various areas (e.g. to increase prepaid recharging volumes).
Operators’ services comprise the delivery of multimedia content for the users of a particular network. Those services involve multimedia for phones (e.g. games, wallpapers, animations, music) and information service (news, business, sports, horoscopes).
A separate category of operators’ services are interactive services, i.e. chats and multiplayer games available via all mobile channels: SMS, MMS, WAP/WEB, Voice and application. In this area Digital Virgo has broad experience in offering entertainment for network users. We have been developing such services for many years with the help of operators (e.g. Fun Skan in Plus network or the Ghost Game in all networks).
Applied solutions:
  • SMS competitions/lotteries (mQube platform)
  • Multimedia (content services)
  • SMS/MMS information services
  • Mobile applications
  • WAP services
  • Chats and multiplayer games