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App developers

Digital Virgo has a special offer for developers of mobile applications. As we produce mobile applications we know perfectly what complementary solutions are necessary.
The first key service for the developers of mobile applications is Justpush, i.e. a solution for handling Push notifications in applications, which ensure communication with the Users of application in smart phones.
Our solution may be used in three ways:
  • For profiting on advertisements in an application – the developer sends their application to the Justpush advertising network and profits on campaigns, which are also available on their application,
  • By promoting a mobile application within the Justpush network – the developer may conduct a promotional campaign in other applications with Justpush module,
  • By using Justpush as a dedicated solution for communication with the Users of the application – activation of Users, notifying about new offers, cross promotions for own applications.
Another solution for the developers comprises mobile transactions for users of Android-based phones in mobile applications. The solution is intended for Partners interested in applying alternative methods of monetisation, other than payments provided via Google Play. Transactions are based on Premium SMS and Direct Billing. Single and cyclic transactions are available.
Offered solutions:
  • Justpush – Push notifications in applications
  • Mobile payments in applications
  • SMS dispatches.