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Mobile transactions

Mobile transactions alllow online purchase of products or services of relatively low value. Areas, wherein the use of mobile transactions is desirable and reasonable include: e.g. online press distribution, access to video materials (file downloading), access to Internet websites (including access to archives) or petty announcements (both in traditional press as well as Internet).
Mobile transactions are commonly available, easy to use by the User and the service provider and above all – promptness in performance – within minutes following the use of the code the User gains access to the service or product purchased by him or her.
A good example for the use of mobile transactions relates to payments via mobile phones and dedicated numbers, i.e. Premium numbers available at an increased fee (Premium SMS) or Direct Billing.
Available types of mobile transactions:
  • SMS Premium: one-shot and cyclic payment 
  • Direct billing: one-shot and cyclic payment 
  • WAP Premium: cyclic payment 
  • IVR (Voice) Premium - billed per minute i per call

  Direct Billing

Basic information about Direct Billing:
  • Direct Billing is an innovative form of online transactions.
  • An alternative to bank transfers, credit cards and other solutions available in Internet.
  • The amount of the transaction is added to the User’s phone billing or deducted from the balance of the pre-paid card.
  • May be applied to single transactions and subscriptions.

In December 2016 Digital Virgo launched Direct Billing transactions for users of Play network. As a result Digital Virgo provides Direct Billing services for all mobile phone users in Poland.

  • Much higher fee than in case of SMS Premium.
  • User-friendly method of transaction.
  • Possibility of defining prices (up to 1 grosz) and for this reason expanding the portfolio of services/products, which can be purchased through the new service.
  • Simple way of connection by the Partner.


Digital Virgo offers Premium transactions in many countries. This applies to both single transactions as well as SMS Premium subscriptions and Direct Billing / Mobile Billing (intended for purchases of special products and services). In addition, the company also offers other types of transactions (e.g. IVR, WAP) – details are available directly from Digital Virgo representatives (use the Contact option and write to us).
Below is a general list of payment methods and their availability in respective countries:
Premium SMS: 
  • One-shot payments: Poland, Slovakia, France, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Croatia
  • Cyclic Payments (MT Subscriptions): Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Hungary, Romania
Direct Billing/Mobile Billing: 
  • One-shot payments: Poland, France, Italy, Turkey, Germany, Czech Republic, Romania, Brazil
  • Cyclic Payments (MT Subscriptions): Poland, France, Italy, Turkey, Brazil


MPS (Message Proxy Service) is a universal solution for mobile integration for business partners, an original product of DIGITAL VIRGO providing our business partners a simple way of connecting to mobile phone operators. MPS facilitates two-way SMS and MMS communication. The solution is based on the most recent integration standards such as Web Services / SOAP. Owing to this our Partners are not compelled to choose a particular technology of performance. With the integration full support is provided. The solution is applied commonly for many years and several hundred implementations guarantee top quality. 
MTSP (MT service Proxy)  is an interface for MT (subscriptions) management within Orange, Plus, T-Mobile and Play networks. The interface is based on REST for communication with the Partners. The Partner receives via the interface notification about registrations and the number of billed Users. An ideal tool for cyclic payments. Full support and assistance in implementation is offered.
Together with API the Partner receives access to online reports available via WWW, where the level of traffic generated in the Partner’s services can be monitored on a current basis.

Justpay – Mobile Transactions Platform

The service Justpay ( may be used in all WWW services, mobile applications and other, where the Partner intends to sell e-services (e.g. access to premium content). Justpay is addressed to both corporate clients and individuals with an own WWW service.
Functionalities of Justpay:
  • user registration on
  • choosing commands (SMS content to be sent by users to activate the service), which shall be used on the Partner’s websites
  • selection from a broad range of rates for Poland and other countries
  • immediate start of cooperation within several minutes (upon registration and acceptance by Justpay administrator)
  • online view of statistics of uploaded codes and the due fee for the Partner
  • ready examples of scripts and technical descriptions of SMS code implementation.
  • SMS service in many countries without any fees: Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, Romania, Hungary, France, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Croatia.
  • Possibility of defining IVR services (fee for telephone call).
  • Possibility of defining MT subscriptions (fee for received SMS).
  • High fees up to 65%.

Platform and Technical Support

Digital Virgo has a technologically advanced IT structure supervised by a team of technicians on a 24/7 basis.
Digital Virgo has connections with MNO mobile operators and operates SMS/MMS/WAP/Direct Billing / IVR traffic. All connections are as a minimum doubled to ensure uninterrupted operation in case of failure of any connection. The connections are supported by two routers working interchangeably in case of any failure. The input interface of Digital Virgo is protected with a firewall. For routing, traffic filtering and the operation of VPN channels, Digital Virgo applies advanced and high-performance solutions of Cisco Systems.
In terms of performance the present platform of Digital Virgo can operate traffic of approx. 60 million SMS per day. If the maximum performance level is achieved by the current platform, the architecture facilitates further expansion of the system and increase of its output in short time.
Digital Virgo ensures the following availability parameters:
  • 24x7x365 operation of the system,
  • summary guaranteed monthly accessibility time of the System of 99%, settled on a monthly basis on the last day of the month,
  • Helpline Digital Virgo. Digital Virgo maintains 24h supervision over the platform operating the System. Helpline Digital Virgo is available on 24h basis,
  • Digital Virgo platform has back-up connection. The switch to the back-up connection from the Partner’s point of view is self-operated.

In-app payment

Digital Virgo offers mobile transactions for phone users in mobile applications of the Partners, who are interested in using alternative payment methods compared to payment forms offered in Google Play.
The following transaction setup parameters are available for the Partner:
  • Coverage – selection of countries
  • Method – SMS Premium / Direct Billing
  • Tariff – price of service
  • One-shot transaction / subscription.