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Multimedia elements for mobile phones, usually referred to as “content, emerged on the market when phones were introduced enabling the user to save his/her content in the phone’s memory.
Part of the content offered by Digital Virgo comprises own production but the majority consists of high quality elements provided by third-party providers. Owing to those third-party providers, mainly foreign, Digital Virgo can offer a broad product portfolio. We always take care to offer the best, most up-to-date products, which meet the market demand.
Digital Virgo offers content directly to both end Users and companies, which want to offer such content to their clients, e.g. in promotions organized by them.


While working on countless projects with operators (e.g. Fun Skan or Czater), Digital Virgo developed a specialised platform for chat services based on state-of-the-art and highly effective technologies.
The chat platform is designed to serve multichannel operations: SMS, MMS, IVR, WAP, WWW and mobile application, which can operate independently or interact. The platform contains extended calling mechanisms to connect users interested in chatting – according to specific criteria and factors to help effectively locate a suitable person to chat with.
Every user has a profile with data such as nick, age, gender, interests to help select the “ideal” persons to chat with. The platform allows for chatting concurrently with many users.
The platform applies a phone geographical location mechanism to locate persons to chat who are located the closest as well as in a chosen location in Poland. With the location mechanism it is possible to move to a chosen place in Poland, e.g. to a town, without changing physically one’s position. Relocation to a different place is based on actual geographical coordinates to help find persons to chat with in a particular area.
Based on the chats experience, Digital Virgo also works on location games. Ghost Game is the first project, where the User adopts the role of the hunter who encounters a variety of ghosts – while moving in the terrain or in the virtual space – and aims to capture them. The game can be played individually or in a multiplayer mode – in collaboration or competition with other players.