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Ghost Game

Project: Ghost Game
Duration: Since 09.2012
Purpose: To generate income in the added services segment for mobile operators, building a society of players
Applied solution:
SMS game with the use of location
Digital Virgo S.A. developed an original SMS game for mobile operators.
The player adopts the role of a Ghostbuster and explores a world full of mysterious places and ghosts via his/her phone and SMS commands.
  • The main task is to eliminate the ghosts, to collect objects and to explore places with other ghostbuster.
  • The virtual and real worlds are connected by using the phone location, whereby ghosts are placed in the actual location of the player.
  • More than 200 figures, places, objects, tasks and missions await the players.
  • The player wins scores of experience – the higher the level, the more complex is the world and the more difficult are the missions.
  • Communication with the player is enhanced by visualisations sent via MMS.
  • The game may be played in a single and multiplayer mode (collaboration with other players in real time).
 The rules of GhostGame are available on