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Digital Goods PL Report

Digital Vigo has issued Digital Goods PL report which focuses on the market of digital contents and services in Poland.
A few quick facts from the report :
  • 65% of the Polish internet users have purchased digital contents or services at least once in their lifetime and 39.8% admit to downloading digital contents from illegal sources,
  • The Polish e-book market is estimated to be worth 86 million zloty and the computer games market is worth as much as 1.4 billion zloty,
  • The level of digital competence of the Polish people ranks almost last among EU countries,
  • As much as 60% of smart phone users have no knowledge regarding methods of data protection for mobile devices,
  • While selecting a method of payment Polish people pay particular attention to convenience and providing as little information as possible; a solution that meets expectations of  Polish internet users seems to be increasingly popular ‘direct billing’ – a method of payment based on adding a given amount to a telephone bill (or subtracting a given amount from an account in case of prepaid cards).
We encourage you to get acquainted with the full report (only in Polish) at