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Competitions and lotteries

Lotteries and competitions provide a convenient tool supporting sales. Their objective may include promotion of a product or generating SMS income.
Competitions are attractive promotional mechanisms, which do not contain in their formula, i.e. the method of selecting winners, any random elements. To win the prize, the user must simply demonstrate his/her knowledge or creativity. Awarded are those users who performed the competition task the best. Winners are selected by a competition board appointed by the Organiser of the Competition.
Lotteries allow for offering simple promotional mechanisms to consumers, which do not pose any difficult tasks requiring any additional knowledge or creativity. The simple mechanism does not have to be limited to “send your application, join in the lottery” although such solutions are the most frequent. The mechanism may be applied for an interesting game or lottery reminding of bingo or numeric games, where the participant can enjoy a long-term and appealing game.
Competitions are simpler to conduct in formal and legal terms – the rules must be written down, no additional permits need to be applied for, which are required for lotteries.

SMS Promotions

A SMS channel for joining-in due to simple use, popularity and impulse behaviour (now and here) is still a very popular way of joining in a promotion.
Examples of solutions:
  • creative competition – in this competition the Participant sends a catchphrase, which is then evaluated by the competition board. The Participants who have sent the most original catchphrases win.
  • promotional lottery – in this type of the promotion the Participant has only to join in, he/she does not have to demonstrate any knowledge or creativity. Participants are chosen at random by a specially developed computer programme for random selection of winners.
  • MMS creative competition – the Participant has to make an original photo and send it via MMS. The competition board selects the best photos based on a certain criterion, e.g. the most amusing holiday photo

Competitions on WWW pages

The promotion participant can join in the campaign also via WWW page. Such application has no cost barriers as the Participant pays nothing and is as popular as SMS or a mobile application.

Naturally, such solution is less flexible in terms of availability (no access to WWW page in a store while shopping). Except for services which developed a mobile channel service: WEB page in a mobile version.

The pros of the promotional WWW page is the friendly interface as the Participant can easily – apart from joining the promotion – send his/her personal data and consent to their processing.
At the same time there are numerous possibilities of using online tools and for this reason there are virtually no limitations as regards the creation of the competition concept.
Examples of assumptions for a competition:
  • Participants deliver a project made of available elements
  • a creative picture/photo is created and a file uploaded
  • codes are sent
  • drawing
  • creative catchphrases are created and sent.
With a friendly interface of WWW pages and their interactivity promotion not only allows the Participant to win a prize but also provides funs.
Digital Virgo develops WWW pages in flash and HTML technology and also applications for Facebook and portals.

Competitions in mobile applications

Mobile applications for smart-phones demonstrate an immense marketing potential and a broad range of applications. These may be developed as competition or lottery applications. A competition application provides a source of knowledge about the competition/lottery, “now and here” in the participant’s phone. The application should include all important aspects of the promotion, i.e. the application form, rules and regulations, prizes, list of winners. Participants may – on the application level – register their participation in the competition/lottery, check their ranking status, status of the prizes, etc. Participation in the promotion via an application allows for on-going contact with the organiser owing to updates or PUSH messages, which an application equivalent of free SMS.
On the application level promotional codes from the package/bill can be reported, QR codes scanned and photos/videos made or texts edited.
Joining the competition /lottery via the application may complement or provide an alternative for traditional sign-in channels in the promotion (apart from SMS and WWW).
The competition or lottery in a mobile application may become an interesting hallmark among various promotional campaigns on the market.

mQube Platform

mQube is a platform available via WWW for the Partners of Digital Virgo, allowing them to manage SMS services independently, e.g.
  • to develop SMS services with a range of mechanisms
  • to view services, with an editing option
  • to view statistics and reports (various reporting views)
  • to generate the list of winners’ numbers.
With access to mQube platform, the Partners of Digital Virgo may launch and operate SMS services online. Digital Virgo also provides 24/7 helpline support.
When logging (via encrypted access) the system verifies the user’s authorisation because in the business client account (e.g. publisher / organiser of services) the platform may be accessed by several users (e.g. chosen staff of the publishers or their clients).
The User may have various roles and authorisations. Digital Virgo may assign limited or broad authorisations to a particular user.
Via the mQube platform many SMS services have been launched, with different mechanisms (from simple competitions to complex, bespoke solutions). mQube platform has been delivered successfully to our Partners in Poland and abroad.
mQube features many language versions, i.e. Polish, English, French and any other language version requested by the client.
mQube is a high-performance platform – a campaign with traffic of approx. 300 000 incoming messages daily was performed with the use of this platform. 

Formal operation

At the request of our Clients all necessary documents are prepared, advice and assistance is provided in obtaining a required permit.
In case lottery we offer:
  • preparing the lottery’s concept, matching the concept with the target group and the Client’s budget
  • support in obtaining a permit of the Customs Chamber for a promotional or audio-text lottery 
  • purchasing prizes or assisting in such purchase,
  • advice in legal & tax issues,
  • supervision over the promotional or audio-text lottery by a person with a professional certificate,
  • guarantee which is needed to cover the value od prizes.
Digital Virgo provides support in formulating the rules of the services to ensure that such rules reflect current provisions of the Telecommunications Law, the Act on Gambling, the regulation of the Office for Electronic Communication and requirements laid down by Polish GSM operators. 
Every service addressed to users of Polish GSM networks is subject to an acceptance issued by all GSM operators. Digital Virgo submits a notification for the services of its Clients in due time and form in order to obtain consent for the delivery of the service by the organiser.

Prize logistics

For the purpose of a competition, lottery or other promotional campaigns organized by our Clients, which envisage prizes for the participants, Digital Virgo may purchase or assist in the purchase of prizes.
Digital Virgo specialists experienced in conducting promotional campaigns may advice on the type and quantity of the most suitable prizes, which shall produce the most spectacular effect of the planned campaign in view of its target group.
The contract for the organisation or conduct of a campaign may include complex prize service:
  • advice on the type, quantity and value of the planned prizes,
  • preparing a database of the winners,
  • maintaining a stock of prizes,
  • packing and dispatching the prizes.